Dentists and Facial Aesthetics

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You may be wondering why a dentist is a good choice to perform Facial Aesthetics? Dentists undergo extensive training in the anatomy, biochemistry and physiology of the head and neck in undergraduate dental training. This is crucial knowledge for administering any “Botox” and dermal filler products. Dentists are highly skilled and very comfortable with the […]

Be Mouth Cancer Aware!

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Did you know? Here at Brucegate Dental Practice each time you have regular dental Check-up, the dentist carries out a mouth cancer screening. Signs To Look Out For; Sore mouth ulcers that don’t heal within several weeks. Persistent lumps in the mouth or neck that don’t go away. Unexplained looseness of teeth, or sockets that […]

The Effects Of Poor Dental Hygiene On Your Body

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  Poor dental health has more of an effect on your general health than you may think! Oral Health is Overall Health Periodontal Disease¬† Bone deterioration around the teeth lead to loosening and eventual tooth loss. In the UK 1 in 17 of all adults have lost all of their teeth. Atherosclerosis¬† High levels of […]