Welcome to Facial Aesthetics and Rejuvenation at Brucegate

At Brucegate Dental Practice we don’t only care for your teeth but your face as well.

We provide a wide range of therapies to enhance and rejuvenate, through both invasive and non- invasive therapies.

Our highly qualified and fully insured practitioners, friendly staff and the highest standards of clinical care will ensure that your treatments are of the highest quality and your visit is a pleasurable and revitalising experience.

The practice has a separate decontamination and sterilisation room to ensure the highest standards of clinical cleanliness and cross infection control.

Your practitioner

Dr Karen McKeever BDS ( Newc) PGDip, MFGDP, GDC: 76453


Karen graduated as a dental surgeon from Newcastle in 1999, where she also gained her postgraduate Diploma in Health Services Research and MFGDP. She was trained in facial aesthetics by renowned industry professionals in Harley Street and Glasgow, and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Your First Appointment

All initial consultations are FREE

Your initial visit will be a consultation with Dr Karen McKeever lasting approximately 30-40 minutes. You will have a full medical history and skin assessment taken which will look at elasticity, movement, age, sun damage and musculature.

Any concerns you have can be discussed to help provide you with costs and number of appointments required.

The price you are given will include everything from skin assessment , diagnosis, prescription, treatment and review.

Medical Face Creams

Often bespoke combinations of medical grade skin care are used pre, inter and post treatment. these are used to prevent or alleviate any symptoms that may occur; this is why the initial appointment is so important.

Medical Skin Peel

This treatment is designed to treat skin ageing;medical grade skin peels can only be administered by registered nurses, doctors or dentists. It encourages cell renewal through stimulation and repair to rejuvenate your appearance.

Prices from : Single treatments £100

                    Treatment courses £300

The peel chosen specifically for your skin type will be carefully applied to your face and then left to dry with wet gauze to keep skin cool and activate the product. Treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and is not painful.
We offer a range of home care options to ensure you get the best, long-lasting results.
We recommend that you book a course of six peels every two weeks and maintain with top-up treatments every 4-6 weeks
Most people are suitable but prior to any treatment you will have a free consultation where you are assessed for your suitability.
After your treatment, your skin will be clearer, smoother and more radiant. You can go back to work and carry on with your usual daily routine, as there is no redness or flaking to your skin. It is important to wear sun protection cream at all times.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

More commonly known as “Botox”, which is short for Botulinium Toxin. It is a naturally occurring protein that relaxes the muscles in the face, consequently smoothing out wrinkles and preventing the skin from creasing. This treatment is used for areas around the eyes, mouth and forehead for natural looking results.

Prices from £200

A very fine needle is used. Most patients find that there is only mild and temporary discomfort.
The results are not immediate and take between 5-10 days for full effect.
Side effects of line & wrinkle treatments are rare- it is one of the safest cosmetic procedures.
When the treatment begins to work, you may notice some temporary strange “sensations” around the treated areas as the muscles that have not been injected adjust. Some patients may experience some tenderness, mild redness, swelling or bruising follow the treatment but these are only short-term effects that last a few days. In rare cases there can be some temporary muscle weakness.

Effects last for around 3-4 months. Following repeated treatments, the effects tend to last for a longer period of time.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are a popular choice and is a versatile in anti-aging injectable treatment that plumps, volumises and lifts the skin leaving it smooth, contoured and youthful. It works by replacing volume that has been lost naturally through ageing or skin damage.

Prices from £250

The effects gradually fade, but on average between 4-12 months.
You will see instant results after your treatment and you can return to normal activities straight away.We offer a range of home care options to ensure you get the best, long-lasting results.
After treatment there may be some tenderness, redness and swelling to the site. This is normal and will subside within a few days.