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Cosmetic Treatments

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Tooth whitening is a system that will remove most stains with a gentle action that ill bleach stain with your teeth, restoring them to a natural colour.

Tooth whitening has been available for many years with the most predictable results from the home whitening systems involving a custom made mouth guard. Teeth are stained by food and drink we consume, smoking also stains teeth so they become darker with time. Teeth whitening is a simple & successful method of lightening the colour of your teeth. The degree of whiteness will vary from patient to patient.

The process : A custom made mouth tray is created. A whitening gel is placed in the tray which you then wear while asleep or for short periods during the day. The results are usually seen within 2 weeks.

Whitening does not make your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay or gum disease.

The results are not permanent although there will be a marked difference from before treatment was started, whitening can be “topped up” at a later date.

Not all discolourations can be whitened by this method so it is important to have a consultation with one of our dentists first.

The whitening gel will not lighten crowns or existing fillings.

Sometimes patients have a degree of sensitivity whilst carrying out the procedure. This subsides after the treatment is finished and is not a long term problem.



CFast ( Cosmetially Focused Adult Straight Teeth) and QST ( Quick Straight Teeth) are systems designed for adults to significantly improve the appearance of your teeth, discreetly, with minimal discomfort and without significantly changing your biting position.
Fast: By focusing on just the front 6 teeth that make up most of your visible smile we can usually complete treatment in around 4-6 months. This also means that costs are kept to a minimum because of the shorted treatment time.

Discreet: The brackets and wires used are tooth coloured, but allow for fine movement and adjustments of the teeth whilst being almost invisible.

Affordable: Because of the short treatment time costs are much reduced compared to conventional orthodontic treatment.

Typical costs are from £1700 for a single arch and £2700 for both arches. VISIT CFAST website.

White Fillings


A composite white filling can be used to replace old metal fillings and tired fitting fillings for a more natural result. For mild imperfections, excellent results can be achieved with a simple build up of white filling material. It also requires minimal destruction of tooth tissue.

For mild imperfections excellent results can be achieved with a simple build up of white filling material. It also requires minimal destruction of natural tooth tissues.

Costs of white fillings can be seen on price list


Crowns are a porcelain cover for damaged or unsightly teeth. They are carefully crafted to look natural and blend in with surrounding teeth. All porcelain crowns alleviate the black outline sometimes showing on older crowns.


We can firmly fit a replacement tooth or teeth which are then carefully attached to adjacent teeth.


Can be used to change the shape, colour and position of teeth. They are wafer thin hand crafted ceramic, which bonded in place are extremely strong. Veneers can also be used to close smaller gaps when orthodontics (braces) are not suitable.